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Isaac Sacolick, Vice President, Technology, McGraw Hill Construction

Isaac Sacolick

Vice President, Technology
McGraw Hill Construction

As vice president of technology, Isaac leads McGraw Hill Construction’s technology strategy and execution.

He joined The McGraw-Hill Companies in 2007 as vice president of technology for BusinessWeek. In this role, he matured BusinessWeek’s agile planning and development processes and launched Business Exchange, a web 2.0 content sharing network for business professionals.

Prior to joining the Company, Isaac was the founder and chief operating officer of TripConnect, a web 2.0 social travel website where users can share advice on destinations and hotels with friends, family, and communities with common travel interests. Isaac was also founder and CTO of PowerOne Media and AdOne, companies that provided SaaS applications to newspaper companies in content management, classified ad search, and digital advertising.

Isaac is an entrepreneur and specialist in media and publishing technologies, social networking, content management, XML search technologies, web analytics, data warehousing, digital advertising, enterprise 2.0, and agile management practices. He blogs and is a frequent speaker on leading innovation in the enterprise, agile practices, and advice for CIOs.

Isaac holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Binghamton University, and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Arizona.

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