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Size Market Opportunities

Pinpoint the most promising markets for your products or services, by geography and project type. Uncover opportunities and forecast with confidence - knowing your decisions are backed by the power of Dodge data and the insight of Dodge Data & Analytics' leading economists. From early design through construction start, Dodge can help you drive your business forward.

Find the Solution for You

  • Dodge MarketShare™
    Dodge MarketShare™ helps you size, pinpoint, and find new market opportunities more accurately than ever before. Powered by Dodge Reports data, the industry standard for construction intelligence because of its breadth, depth, timeliness, and accuracy.
  • Dodge SpecShare®
    Product manufacturers can better target sales leads by accessing the industry's largest plans and specifications database to see who is and isn't specifying their products.
  • Dodge Outlook and Forecasting
    Benefit from the U.S. Census Bureau's sole provider of construction starts & project analysis. Let our in-depth forecasts and analyses give you a competitive edge.

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