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Blogs: From Our Editors

Opinionated, Provocative, Compelling—The award-winning editors of Dodge Data & Analytics are famous for writing hard-hitting, objective news articles that offer exceptional insight and analysis. But our passionate journalists, many of whom have been covering the A/E/C business for more than 25 years, also are filled with personal opinions about the industry: Who’s right, what’s wrong and how to change things for the better. These views are expressed in our must-read blogs, which we invite you to explore—and experience. Click here to see all guest blogs »

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Critical Path From the Editors of ENR
Under the radar, behind the project gate, inside the executive suite. That's where ENR's editors and bloggers deliver their insights, opinions, cool-headed analysis and hot-headed rantings. Information and ideas you need to know but may not want to hear -- available on's master blog, every day, 24-7-365. View all posts »
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Off the Record From the Editors of Architectural Record

The blog written by the staff of Architectural Record is where the magazine’s team of experienced, award-winning editors offer their insightful, informal, opinionated takes on architecture-related trends, conferences, exhibitions, projects and personalities. View all posts »

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Southeast Constructions Our new blog delivers the latest news, insights, and opinions about Southeast construction. View all posts »
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Vertically Speaking in Northern California This blog, examining construction in northern California, will ask questions, give you previews of what is to come in California Construction magazine and report on what we are hearing and reading and seeing in the state's north. View all posts »

Guest Blogs

Other Voices--We have also recruited industry experts with pronounced views to share their thoughts with the readers of Dodge Data & Analytics: The leading authorities on safety, technology, energy, business management and more.

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Crossing That Bridge When We Come To It

Brian Brenner
Civil Engineer Brian Brenner shares quirky views of the engineering profession and life. His new book, Bridginess, and his prior collection of essays, Don’t Throw This Away! The Civil Engineering Life, are available from ASCE Press. He is an Associate at Fay, Spofford & Thorndike and a part-time teacher at Tufts University. View all posts »

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Next Generation

Fredric L. Plotnick
Fredric L. Plotnick, Ph.D., Esq., P.E., is an authority on CPM planning and scheduling and on legal aspects of engineering and construction. Dr. Plotnick, the co-author of two textbooks on CPM scheduling, has also created the Construction CPM Conference, with its third annual meeting set for January 27-30 in New Orleans. The Next Generation blog discusses CPM scheduling, engineering law and other aspects of project management. View all posts »

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Tech-Savvy Contracting

John A. Rapaport
John A. Rapaport is general manager and general counsel of Component Assembly Systems, and a principal of the C/F Data Systems LLC, a software company serving contractors. He will share his thoughts on technology, data collection, the coming BIM revolution and other subjects. View all posts »

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Rebar Madness

Jim Parsons
The many facets of design and construction are all fair game for freelance writer Jim Parsons, who covers the industry from metro Washington, DC. View all posts »

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Bonds, Insurance and Other Reasons Contractors Lose Sleep

Mike Hill
Mike Hill is a bond agent with Baldwin Cox Agency, a North Texas agency specializing in bonding and insurance for contractors. He can be reached at or 972.331.3706. View all posts »

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Tim Newcomb
Tim Newcomb is a newspaper and magazine journalist based in Western Washington, covering design and construction in buildings and transportation around the Northwest. View all posts »

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Neon Desert

Tony Illia
Nowhere is the engineering and contracting market hotter than in Las Vegas. Tony Illia is a journalist and ENR Special Correspondent based there. He has been contributing to the magazine since 2000. View all posts »

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Gold Rush

Greg Aragon
Greg Aragon is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, who writes about construction around the Golden State, with a focus on Northern California. View all posts »

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From the Transportation Front

Sam Schwartz
Sam Schwartz, former New York City traffic commissioner and head highway and bridge engineer, is chief executive of Sam Schwartz Engineering in New York City. He writes about everything related to transportation and engineering practice. View all posts »

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Safety Salvo

Peter Lupo
Peter Lupo is passionate about jobsite safety and he is the safety director of T.B. Penick, an ENR Top 400 general contractor and specialty contractor. Safety Salvo will cover every issue related to workplace safety and health. View all posts »

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Points South

C.J. Schexnayder
Cliff is a journalist based in Lima, Peru reporting on issues across South America. He has contributed to ENR's coverage of the region since 2004. View all posts »

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