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Pilot dwelling “Het Entreehuis”
Located on the country estate the “Groote Scheere” in The Netherlands Bureau B+B completed in 2009 the pilot dwelling, with the name ‘Entrance House’. It is the first of ten houses to be build at the estate in the future. The new dwelling, together with the ‘De Eindhoeve’, the farm opposite, form the gateway to the estate. In this area, there has always been a coherence between the buildings and nature. It is known for its farm land, village atmosphere and diverse landscape characteristics. Barns with tar coated bevel siding walls and reed roofs are typical elements.
The “Entrance House” a black wooden, build from sustainable and light weight western red cedar wood coated with black oil color, has strict contours. The roof opens up to the landscape to become a private outdoor space. The wooden terrace lies just above the landscape making a demarcation of the private space superfluous. The house is not surrounded by the landscape but is embedded in it.
The façade is made up of a series of shutters that play an essential role in the appearance of the dwelling. Where the large vertical shutters on the side allow light to enter when they are open in the summer they also function as sun blinds. The horizontal shutters on the opposite side are smaller and more narrow, reminiscent of slits in the façade of a farm house. Instead of overlapping shingles, the panels are slightly ajar for the particular moment where light can protrude into the living space.
Building Team / Key Players: architect: Bureau B+B stedebouw en landschapsarchitectuur i.c. Aad Krom, contractor: Bouwbedrijf Zweers (Ane), client: ASR Vastgoed Landelijk
Location: Gramsbergen, The Netherlands
Caption: south/west fassade
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