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Research Biomedical Complex of Barcelona
The Biomedical Research Building, with a surface area of over 55,000m2, is built on a 9000m2 lot on the promenade along Barcelona’s seafront. The works were begun in 2001 and the building was designed by the architects Albert de Pineda and Manel Brullet. The elliptical building features a high degree of functional flexibility and cost 110 million euros.

The double skin façade of the building performs 2 key functions in the project. Firstly, the fact that it is a continuous envelope around the entire structure means that it is ultimately responsible for the geometrical resolution of the building. Secondly, it was configured in such a way as to ensure that light can pass easily through it while at the same time protecting the building from direct solar radiation.

The inner skin is as transparent as possible and ensures that the building benefits from natural lighting and ventilation. The outer skin of wooden slats screens the building from solar radiation and is the main factor responsible for the physical appearance of the building. There are more than 44,000 wooden slats made from Canadian red cedar. The slats are positioned in such a way that they alternate in relative height. The wooden skin is not totally uniform, as there is an empty space that runs the full height of the floor every six modules. The objective of this empty space is to guarantee the access for the fire brigade if a fire should break out. The slats of wood are trapezoid in shape to prevent rainwater from collecting on the wood.
Building Team / Key Players: Albert de Pineda Álvarez and Manuel Brullet Tenas
Location: Barcelona
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