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Dodge Pipeline – Construction leads, simplified

Dodge PipeLine — Construction leads, simplified

Dodge PipeLine combines the most comprehensive source of information on construction projects in North America with the tools to find and win the next job. Contractors, trades and manufacturers have the tools they need, in the office or in the field, to find the right projects, manage and track sales efforts and win the work.

Dodge PipeLine Delivers

  • Access to unparalleled construction project and industry information

    Access Dodge construction leads in the office or on the go, receive customized email alerts based on project location, stage, and more, and build up your accounts and contacts with the largest lead database in the industry
  • Leads that tie directly into your sales and account management workflow

    Stay on top of your most important construction leads by knowing who to contact about projects in design, bid or start stages, and record and track your progress
  • Tracking of results to improve performance

    Automatically generate sales  pipeline reports in Excel or PDF format to measure sales activity and ROI, and rank the most active architects, engineers and owners for improved sales targeting

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