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ConstructionPoints for Salesforce – Enterprise Integration of Dodge Leads with Salesforce®

What do you get when you combine the industry’s largest source of construction project leads with the number one CRM and salesforce automation tool in the market? Sales supremacy! With ConstructionPoints for Salesforce you get enterprise-level integration of Dodge leads directly into Salesforce. Your sales and marketing teams will always have access to the latest construction project information from within their primary prospecting and sales management tool, making them more productive and providing greater ROI on your marketing investment.

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ConstructionPoints Delivers

  • Dodge leads imported directly into Salesforce
  • Opportunity, account and reporting workflows tied directly to Dodge leads
  • Improved usage and ROI on your Dodge marketing investment


...the ConstructionPoints Team led us through a detailed discovery process that gave them an in-depth understanding of our business, our current process capability and our vision for the future. Due to the thorough work done on the front end, they were able to design and deliver a solution that not only meets our current needs, but will be scalable to meet our future needs as well.