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Construction Document Management: Dodge Docupro™

Dodge DocuPro™ is the only comprehensive construction document management solution specifically tailored to the industry that enables you to take total control of project and organization information to grow your business. Control the documents and you control the project.


Save time and money to significantly increase ROI:
  • Risk Mitigation and Compliance

    Aggregate and organize accurate latest-version project information from multiple sources in a single, secure hub hosted in the cloud, and distribute it to your project team.
  • Increased Efficiency and Lower Costs

    Manage your workflow with this easy-to-use solution that integrates up-to-date information into each phase of a project to facilitate bidding, standard prequal, submittals, and close outs.
  • Instant Connection with Contacts

    Access a robust directory of firms and contacts, sourced from the Dodge Network and appended with your own firms and contacts, to evaluate and build your team of qualified subcontractors.
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Get in front of the bidding to capitalize on more sales opportunities:
  • Control That Drives Your Business

    Aggregate, organize, and distribute latest-version documents from a central secure repository, hosted in the cloud, to your distributors or independent reps.
  • Total Transparency

    Track how documents are viewed, printed, downloaded, and date-stamped by your sales channel.
  • Influence on Bidding

    Make sure your distributors know which contractors are bidding on a project to get your products in front of key players at just the right time.
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