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Dodge BuildShare®

Only Dodge BuildShare® offers the intelligence you need to understand your target markets and the opportunities they can yield, develop strategic relationships in those markets, and increase your win/loss ratio.  Dodge BuildShare® informs you where the market is headed on a national level and how that relates to forecasts at state and local levels.  You’ll know the key firms and their current projects so you can prioritize your best prospects and strengthen your market position.  Learn more.

Dodge Business Intelligence—BuildShare™

Dodge BuildShare® Delivers

Target the Right Firms

Target the right firms

Identify the most active owners in your existing or proposed new markets and see the amount they’ve spent with specific design and construction firms.

Evaluate the Competition

Evaluate the competition

Identify the most active GCs, see where and with whom they are working, and track changes in their target markets and project types.

Build Key Relationships

Build Key Relationships

Understand design firm relationships and their connections to your top owner prospects, allowing you to evaluate their partnership potential.

What's Your Relationship IQ? Let BuildShare help
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What’s Your Relationship IQ?See how Dodge BuildShare® connects you to the right construction players to help you grow your business.    
Dodge BuildShare