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Dodge Global Network — Regional Construction Reporting Nationwide

Only Dodge offers national reporting coverage from regionally based reporters so you don’t miss important construction projects. The Dodge Global Network delivers a customized solution with early-design, hard-to-find private construction projects. The Network enables you to prioritize your sales pipeline, increase your win/loss ratio, and target the right relationships. Productivity tools help you manage your sales force and streamline your entire sales process.

The Network Delivers

  • Prioritize Your Sales Pipeline

    Identify early-stage design projects, the people involved, and their connections. Easily manage multiple tracking folders to organize your sales efforts.
  • Increase Your Construction Bid Win Ratios

    Easily sort, manage, and distribute your sales leads to focus on the right projects, in the right markets, at the right time.
  • Target the Right Relationships

    Know the most active owners, architects, and engineers working on your targeted projects. See their projects and make connections for current and future work.
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