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ENR Western Water Conference 2014

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Past Events

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October 28: Webinar

Executives from the largest specialty contracting firms discuss the results of the 2014 Top 600 survey and opportunities for future business. More >

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October 31

Construction professionals throughout the region will learn about new opportunities and the Capital Plan with The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. More >

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November 4

Learn the fine details to avoid compliance errors in working on federal and federally-assisted projects. More >

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November 6: Washington, DC

This McGraw Hill Construction Executive Conference will give you the vital information you need to plan for business success in the year 2015 and beyond. More >

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November 11

Design firm leaders will share how they are meeting clients' changing needs. More >

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November 13: Huntington Beach, CA

This event will focus on the West's tightening water supply situation and the unprecedented regional opportunities presented to engineers and contractors. More >

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November 18: Houston, TX

Join top executives from engineering and construction firms, oil and gas producers, pipeline owners, petrochem giants, and prospective LNG exporters. More >

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November 19

What tools and methods will be in the hands of construction workers in the near and distant future? More >

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November 19

This event will examine the connection between design and optimizing the K-12 learning experience. More >

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December 11: Atlanta, GA

AEC technology leaders will join to inspire and challenge each other on how technology has the power to advance modern construction practices and processes. More >

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October - December, Various Cities

Join Engineering News-Record in a series of special events across twelve regions to celebrate and honor the building teams that created the best projects of 2014. More >

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McGraw Hill Construction events are about the best opportunity to get close to industry experts and learn more about what is really going on throughout the AEC industry.  Unlike the larger conventions, where there is too much to see and do and everyone is focused more on quantity over quality, ENR events, like FutureTech, bring together some of the brightest people in our industry, and you get to gain real insight from these people while making direct connections that you take with you.  I have personally sponsored and attended dozens of ENR events over the years and for the money there is no better investment.

Ron Perkins
Director, Business Development

McGraw-Hill Construction’s professionalism and commitment to the construction industry allows us to partner with a market leader. Sponsoring their construction events increases our market awareness and connects us with the right audience.

David A. De Rego
Marketing Director
Viewpoint Construction Software

The technology revolution is well underway across the construction landscape.  Today, few opportunities exist in our market segment that we are targeting for improvements outside of better tools and equipment.  ENR FutureTech is the first conference of its kind to bring together management groups within the construction industry and educate us in advance of new technologies among our peer groups.  I have found multiple solutions for current issues at FutureTech and I look forward to both events each year.

Jason T. Burns
Vice President
Chief Information Officer
Hunter Roberts Construction Group

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Past Webinars 

October 2014
9AR Record Innovation, New York
10AR Women in Architecture, New York
September 2014
19ENR MidAtlantic Pulse Healthcare, Arlington, Va.
30ENR Risk & Compliance Summit, Atlanta
July 2014
16AR Multi-Family Housing Symposium, Dallas
June 2014
12ENR Groundbreaking Women in Construction
May 2014
8MTA MWDBE Conference, NYC
13-14ENR-Dodge Global Construction Summit and Global Best Projects Awards, NYC
21Architectural Record Innovation Conference, LA
April 2014
3Award of Excellence NYC
March 2014
18-19FutureTech San Francisco
February 2014
26Pulse 5: Healthcare Construction
December 2013
VariousRegional Best 2013 Projects Awards
6What's Next for the SCA
November 2013
7FutureTech NYC
15Energy Construction, TX
October 2013
3Architectural Record Innovation, NYC
16Make the Grade: Higher Education Construction
24-25Outlook Executive Conference, DC
September 2014
18AR: Approaching Net-Zero
August 2014
13ENR: Measuring Jobsite Productivity
July 2014
16ENR: Distributed Design Collaboration
June 2014
24ENR: Commercial Construction Education
May 2014
15ENR: Top 400 Contractors
29ENR: Advanced Integrative Practice
March 2014
25ENR: Managing Digital Workflows
December 2013
19ENR: Workforce Crunch Solutions
November 2013
13ENR: Scheduling Risk
14ENR: Five Risks You Never Saw Coming
October 2013
9ENR: 2013 Top 600 Specialty Contractors
23ENR: Smart Infrastructure
September 2013
12ENR: Technology for Secure Job Sites
August 2013
15ENR: IFCs and COBie
21ENR: Oil and Gas Production from Shale
June 2013
20ENR: Getting on the Board of Directors; Doing the Job Right
July 2013
25ENR: BIM-in-the-Cloud & Data Security
June 2013
26ENR: Using Joint Ventures to Drive Your Company's Success
May 2013
17ENR's Top 400 Contractors
30ENR: Making the Most of the Cloud