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ENR Risk & Compliance Summit

September 20, 2013
McGraw Hill Headquarters
New York City

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Risk & Compliance Summit: 9/20

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Risk & Compliance Summit: 9/20

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ENR Risk & Compliance Summit
Essential Strategies for Loss Prevention and Profit in Construction

September 20, 2013
McGraw Hill Headquarters
New York, NY

Risk control is widely acknowledged as a central management concern in the construction industry, with more and more companies either centralizing risk-control in a single office or executive or devoting more resources to the effort.  ENR’s first Risk and Compliance Summit will forge a cohesive idea of construction risk control at a time when new and changing risks are revolutionizing the industry.  Industry leaders will assess the importance of various risks, how to measure and control them and explain how the risks may change in the years ahead.  Individual sessions will be devoted to project-related failures, managing the workforce safely and in compliance with regulations, avoiding the trap of over-anticipating one kind of risk while failing to see another developing risk. 

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