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Multi-Unit Housing Symposium

October 15, 2014
W Boston
Boston, MA

Multi-Unit housing is one of the fastest-growing building types—projected to rise 11% from 2013 to over $53 billion in 2014.  Cities are attracting new populations to their downtown areas, as urban living becomes increasingly popular.  And while the growth in new multi-family housing is particularly prevalent in these dense city areas, there has also been a substantial increase in building apartments in smaller communities as well.

This special evening program, tailored to the conditions and architectural community of Boston, will identify the most relevant issues to architects in this region who are currently—or would like to be—engaged in multi-family housing.  The program will consist of a panel of three architects and housing experts, moderated by an Architectural Record editor.  Topics discussed will include new design and construction methods, zoning, materials innovation, and the impact of urban design on multi-family buildings.

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