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Green BIM: How Building Information Modeling is Contributing to Green Design and Construction

Green BIM

The new SmartMarket Report, Green BIM: How Building Information Modeling is Contributing to Green Design and Construction provides insight into the convergence of two key trends, green building and BIM. Using BIM on green projects is still such a new practice that the industry is still trying to fully grasp its implications. This report contains market research data on how BIM is being used for green projects and what the key drivers and obstacles are to further adoption. It reveals that industry expectation is strong for striking growth in Green BIM practice within the next three years and offers a vision of the future of Green BIM gathered from green building experts and BIM technology leaders.

This 52-page report includes new market research data, insights from industry leaders, project case studies demonstrating ways BIM has been used on green projects and contributed toward better, more sustainable buildings, and special coverage of two key areas BIM is providing value: performance, daylighting and lean construction.

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