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Prefabrication and Modularization: Increasing Productivity in the Construction Industry

Prefabrication and Modularization: Increasing Productivity in the Construction Industry

The new SmartMarket Report, Prefabrication and Modularization: Increasing Productivity in the Construction Industry, provides insight into the role that prefabrication/modularization can have on improving productivity in construction?including impacts on project schedule, costs, safety, quality and waste reduction. Though techniques that have been around for decades, prefabrication/modularization are seeing a renaissance as technologies, such as BIM, have enabled better integration of prefabricated/modular components; as changes in design such as the emergence of green have made certain advantages of prefabrication/modularization more important; and as innovative offsite techniques have emerged. With more detail in the report, the study found the following key benefits of prefabrication/modularization:

  • 66% report that project schedules are decreased?35% by four weeks or more.
  • 65% report that project budgets are decreased?41% by 6% or more.
  • 77% report that construction site waste is decreased?44% by 5% or more.

Download a free copy today to view this 52-page report, which includes new market research data, insights from industry leaders and project case studies demonstrating ways prefabrication and modularization can improve productivity and provide significant benefits to owners.

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