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North Carolina Construction Project Information & News

In 2010, Dodge reported on 9,519 projects in North Carolina, with a value of over $53 billion. 5,110 projects were general building projects and 3,805 were private North Carolina construction jobs. Dodge reported on over 1,990 projects bidding in North Carolina alone. This work represents over $1.5 billion of North Carolina construction bidding opportunity

McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge understands how critical it is to know the North Carolina market. Dodge provides a comprehensive, timely and precise repository of North Carolina projects, companies, people and analysis. Because of the quality of Dodge content, North Carolina contractors spend less time doing research and more time connecting with key contacts to bid projects, close sales and win jobs.

Getting there first matters. Knowing what’s coming down the pipeline sooner matters. Staying ahead of competitors matters. Below is a snap shot of Dodge projects in North Carolina. Learn all you can about the North Carolina construction market from Dodge, Engineering News Record, or any of McGraw-Hill Construction’s other industry-leading media. By staying connected and informed, you can get there first, bid more jobs and thrive during these challenging times.

North Carolina Construction projects in Dodge

General Building Projects
Action Stage # of Properties Valuation
Pre-Bid Stage 1477 $16,044,627,298
Bidding Stage 51 $220,629,604
Post-Bid Stage 5893 $19,677,093,460
Utilities Projects
Action Stage # of Properties Valuation
Pre-Bid Stage 121 $1,794,059,086
Bidding Stage 10 $8,299,995
Post-Bid Stage 476 $2,872,653,629
Engineering Projects
Action Stage # of Properties Valuation
Pre-Bid Stage 557 $13,688,173,128
Bidding Stage 110 $657,117,410
Post-Bid Stage 2485 $6,463,682,400
Residential Projects
Action Stage # of Properties Valuation
Pre-Bid Stage 243 $3,176,314,864
Bidding Stage N/A N/A
Post-Bid Stage 4045 $7,668,714,117
* Stats are as of February 2011: SOURCE:  McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge Database
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Official Name: North Carolina
Nickname: Tar Heel State
Demonym: North Carolinian
Capital: Raleigh
Largest City: Charlotte
Admitted to Union: November 21, 1789 (12th)
Governor: Bev Perdue
Population: 9,535,483 (2010)
Land Area and rank: 53,819 square miles; 28th
Median Household Income: $44,670 (38th)
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