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Know Your Construction Market

Whether the building product you represent is a new entry to the market or a well-known industry player, in today's construction market, distributors have to think and sell differently to build their businesses.

Getting a client's product specified by design professionals is always a huge win. But success in 2014 requires more. Tracking the right customers, leveraging regional opportunities, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire sales process are the powerful strategies of the most successful building product distributors.

Watch our business building video series and download our Insider's Guide: Know Your Market: 5 New Ways for Distributors to Succeed for valuable advice on how to find and seize opportunities, including:
  • What to do before your sales team is deployed to improve their success and save you money.
  • How to reduce your sales cycle.
  • The most important thing you can do to build trust with design professionals (and get business in the process).
  • How to ensure you never miss an opportunity to get your client specified for a construction project.
  • The best approach to finding building product sales opportunities abroad.

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