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Influence General Contractors
and Win More Projects

With a 9% increase in construction starts predicted for 2014*, are your business development efforts in full swing? Thanks to the recession, contractors you never competed against are (or will be) vying for business in your market.

To get ahead and stay ahead in today's construction market, contractors have to think and work differently.

Watch our business building video series and download our Insider's Guide:
4 Ways to Influence GCs and Win More Projects
for valuable advice on how to find and seize the right opportunities in 2014, including:
  • Where to find and how to build relationships with General Contractors looking for new subs.
  • How to get ESP (Early Subcontractor Prequalification) for construction jobs.
  • The new bidding strategy to increase your win ratio.
  • 4 most important technologies you should be using to improve your construction business.

*2014 Dodge Construction Outlook, December 2013
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